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Fluke Biomedical LANDAUER RaySafe


Comprehensive solutions for the X-ray room

RaySafe X2

RaySafe X2 Prestige
R/F sensor flouoroscopy
X2 View
RaySafe X2 Prestige with Volt Curved
Base Unit and R/F Sensor

    At your fingertips

    We have grown accustomed to intuitive interactions with our devices. After all, it is not the device that is most important, but what you can achieve with it that matters. Simplicity has always been a hallmark for RaySafe. But simplicity on the outside requires a lot of work on the inside. Our simplicity comes from a careful balance of advanced sensor technology paired with electronic wizardry and intelligent signal processing. The result – an X-ray test device that provides accurate measurements with the ultimate user-friendliness. Right at your fingertips.

    Less effort. More insight.

    Positioning sensors, choosing settings, and interpreting results can be tedious work. Your time is precious and there is little room for unnecessary steps in taking a measurement. Fortunately, the X2 R/F and MAM sensors are orientation independent so the only thing you need to do is to place it in the X-ray beam and turn on the instrument. The rest is automatic – no menus, no selections.

    Full range measurements

    Ease-of-use means you get everything you need in one exposure, with one sensor – automatically. The RaySafe X2 offers sensors for radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, computed tomography, tube current, voltage, survey, and even light applications. Choose the sensors you need and add the ones you will need at a later stage. The X2 sensors are made without the need to select ranges or special modes. Most sensors also measure waveforms that can be analyzed directly on the base unit.

    Intuitive interface and first-class precision

    The RaySafe X-ray test equipment and X-ray QA test tools are specifically designed to minimize the need for user interaction. A groundbreaking concept in sensor design and circuitry provides unsurpassed accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity. Intelligent algorithms indicate when a parameter is outside its specified range.

    Finally, a built-in, self-test ensures your system is in complete working order. This provides added peace of mind and further assures accurate measurements the first time and every time.



    Finding your way

    The RaySafe X2 touch screen interface allows the user to view data in a comprehensive, yet flexible way. The home screen displays every available parameter from the attached sensor. To zoom in on any parameter, just tap it for a larger view. Use a quick swipe to display waveforms, and pinch to zoom into details. Navigation is made simple by using common Menu, Home and Back keys. All exposures are saved in the base unit. In each session, you can swipe to quickly go back to previous exposures for reference or comparison. A full session of measurements can be uploaded to the RaySafe View software at a later stage for additional data analysis.

    All exposure data are saved in the X2 Base Unit. In each session, you can swipe to view measurement data from previous exposures for reference or comparison. A full session of measurements can easily be uploaded onto a PC at a later stage with help of the RaySafe View software.

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    RaySafe X2 Sensors

    The RaySafe X2 offers a wide choice of sensors for different applications. While the X2 Prestige contains all sensors it is also possible to start with a dedicated system and expand over time. As the X2 sensors store calibration data as well as necessary firmware, the addition of a new sensor is a very simple process – just plug it in and you are ready to go! Read more about the different sensors below:

    R/F Sensor

    X2 R/F Sensor

    • No selections, no corrections
    • Orientation independent

    • Small footprint

    RaySafe X2 and MAM Sensor

    X2 MAM Sensor

    • Dose and HVL for all beam qualities – without corrections

    • Orientation independent

    • Stacked sensor technology prevents the influence of the heel effect

    RaySafe X2 and CT Sensor

    X2 CT Sensor

    • Pencil chamber including electrometer

    • Built-in temperature and pressure corrections

    • Dose, time and waveforms

    RaySafe X2 Volt Sensor with base unit angled

    X2 Volt Sensor

    • mA/mAs or kV from output voltage test points
    • Save waveforms and data

    • BNC connector for easy connectivity

    Base Unit and Survey Sensor

    X2 Survey Sensor

    • Lightweight with fast response time
    • High precision in the X-ray range

    • Dose, rate, mean energy and waveforms

    X2 Angle Light

    X2 Light Sensor

    • Luminance and illuminance Class B sensor
    • Durable housing

    • Dual acquisition keys, on sensor or base unit


    System Packages

    Download Product Catalog


    RaySafe X2 system packages include everything you need for quality assurance testing of your X-ray system; a base unit, a pre-defined selection of sensors and accessories.

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    Download Product Catalog


    The RaySafe X2 product line includes a wide range of accessories for convenient quality assurance testing of X-ray systems. It includes:

    • Spacious heavy duty storm cases and customized aluminium cases
    • Flexible stand and sensor holders:
      • Vacuum Holder
      • Suction Cup Holder
      • Scanning MAM Holder
      • Light Holder
      • Mammography Holder
      • Vascular Holder
      • Radiography Holder
      • Panoramic Holder & Gafchromatic Film
    • Power supply, cables, filters, and adapters



    RaySafe View Software

    The program RaySafe View can be used as an extended display and tool for further data analysis, and it connects to Microsoft Excel. RaySafe View supports the RaySafe X2, the RaySafe X2 Solo, and the RaySafe 452. 

    Download RaySafe View Software


    OneQA Workflow Software

    The OneQA software helps you optimize your QA workflow and improve document control. It integrates seamlessly with the Raysafe X2 system, enabling streamlined radiation imaging equipment maintenance, from procedure setup through final reporting. Physicists and service engineers can rely on OneQA to help them reduce manual data entry, improve data integrity, and standardize the overall quality assurance process.

    Download Flyer

    RaySafe X2 software

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    Product Catalog


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    Leaflets and Flyers

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    Case Studies

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    Certificates and Declarations


    Note! For site/company certificates, and laboratory accreditations, see information about our quality system.

    Videos & Webinars

    Video Library


    Join us to learn more about quality assurance testing, why it is important and how it can be done for different modalities.

    Our experts show how the RaySafe X2 system simplifies mammography radiation measurements such as dose, HVL, and kV on all commercially available mammography machines.

    Watch this webinar about how the RaySafe X2 CT sensor can help you understand the behavior of a CT machine.


    The RaySafe Flexi Stand can be used in many different ways. This video shows an easy setup for convenient sensor positioning.

    Measurements with minimal settings even for your most challenging applications.

    Unnecessary radiation exposure from X-ray equipment can be dangerous for both patients and hospital staff. Proper quality assurance testing ensures good image quality at the lowest possible X-ray doses, and enables preventive maintenance of the X-ray machine.

    In this demonstration you will learn how to get dose, HVL and kVp measurements using the RaySafe X2 Mam sensor. It is a quick procedure for dose and HVL measurements, no deeper knowledge is required regarding machine specifications settings such as target/filter combination and filter thickness. For kVp measurements you need to specify target/filter combination, but filter thickness is not needed to get a correct measurement.

    The RaySafe X2 CT sensor is a very durable solution made for field use. It fits directly into a head and body phantom or can easily be positioned free-in-air with the X2 Flexi stand.  It measures exposure time and provides dose rate waveforms. 

    The RaySafe X2 MAM sensor has state-of-the-art precision in dose and HVL that enables the user to obtain important readings without any pre-knowledge of the mammography machine.

    Learn step-by-step how to use the RaySafe X2 Volt sensor to calculate mA/mAs or kV from low voltage test points on an X-ray machine.

    The Volt sensor is used for measuring voltage from the output voltage test points on X-ray machines.

    Learn step-by-step how to update your RaySafe X2 base unit using RaySafe View software.

    The X2 Light sensor has an ergonomic design in durable aluminum, which allows for both manual measurements as well as easy mounting for automatic measurements.

    The RaySafe X2 Volt sensor is used for measuring on X-ray machine test points. The voltage corresponds to a kV or mA/mAs. Measurements are easier than ever, due to its intuitive interface, automatic capture of waveforms, and no need to make any settings or manual adjustments,

    The RaySafe X2 CT sensor fits directly into a head and body phantom or can easily be positioned free-in-air with the X2 Flexi stand. There is no need for fragile and noisy analog cables, manual temperature or pressure corrections.

    The RaySafe X2 Survey sensor is primarily used to perform leakage and scatter measurements in diagnostic X-ray applications. Unlike a pressurized ion-chamber, the small silicon-based sensor can be shipped without any special considerations.

    The RaySafe X2 MAM sensor has state-of-the-art precision in dose and HVL. It enables important readings without any pre-knowledge of the mammography machine. Connect the sensor and immediately measure without any selection of beam quality.

    The RaySafe X2 R/F sensor can be used on all R/F applications without the need to select ranges or modes. It measures dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, total filtration, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse – in one exposure.


    Video guide on how to position a DENT or R/F sensor on a panoramic dental X-ray machine. Subtitles in English.


    Video guide on how to measure mA/mAs with RaySafe X2. Subtitles in English.


    Video guide on how to set up the flexi stand to use with the RaySafe X2 system. Subtitles in several languages.


    Video guide on how to set up the RaySafe X2 system and start measuring on X-ray equipment. Subtitles in several languages. 


    Video guide on the basics of the RaySafe X2 View software. Subtitles in several languages.


    Video guide on how to use RaySafe X2 View to send data to excel while doing measurements with the RaySafe X2. Subtitles in several languages.