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Fluke Biomedical LANDAUER RaySafe


About RaySafe

Social and Environmental Engagement

RaySafe compensates for CO2 emissions from personal air travels and transportation of goods.

In 2022 we compensate for 486 tons of CO2 (2021 emission). This year we support United Nations Jangi 91.8 MW wind farm in Gujarat project 6702.

The purpose of the project is to generate environmentally friendly, clean, GHG-emissionfree electricity, which will reduce the overall GHG emissions resulting from conventional electricity generation activities.

RaySafe uses electricity produced from renewable energy sources since 2012.

Environmental Policy

“We want to act in a way that, if everyone acts the same, results in a sustainable world.

We integrate environmental thinking in all our activities and allow it to spread through the whole organization.

We define environmental targets, aligned with applicable legislation, and improve and tighten them continuously.

We meet stakeholder requirements.

We communicate our environmental work to all concerned.”

Sustainability Declarations

RaySafe i3 Sustainability Declaration

RaySafe X2 Sustainability Declaration