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Fluke Biomedical LANDAUER RaySafe


Why Invest in the RaySafe Service Program?

To protect patients and medical staff, most national and international regulations require annual calibration of X-ray equipment. To ensure the validity of these checks, it is important to calibrate your test equipment. Regular checks increase the credibility of your X-ray equipment and offer increased radiation protection for patients and medical staff.

Our RaySafe Service Program ensures that your instrument keeps performing and looking like new – through annual checks, calibrations and updates responding to the rapid development of X-ray machines. Joining the program is the best way to protect your investment, and to ensure a predictable annual cost.

If you are the proud owner of RaySafe X2 , RaySafe X2 Solo, RaySafe ThinX, or RaySafe 452, join the RaySafe Service Program today by filling in the service request form to the right!

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Benefits are:

  • Extended service program warranty, ensuring your device will be kept in "like-new-condition", including replacement at no charge in case of instrument failure
  • Validation/calibration on a fixed schedule 
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Your device can remain in the RaySafe Service Program indefinitely, until the product is discontinued

Accredited Calibration Services:

  • RaySafe is the only vendor that can perform a full calibration (including adjustment) to maintain manufacturing standards
  • Calibration certificates traceable to PTB, and RISE
  • Checks performed in modern state-of-the-art facilities in the US and Europe, in accordance with relevant ISO standards
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services with a unique scope of measurement parameters and ranges