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Since the foundation 1994 by Tomas Unfors in Billdal, Sweden, we continually invest in the development of innovative products which combine state-of-the-art technology and user-friendliness.

In the field of quality assurance for diagnostic imaging, traditionally marked by complexity and inefficiency, Unfors RaySafe was a pioneer with easy-to-use solutions.

With the corporate rebranding in March 2012 from Unfors Instruments to Unfors RaySafe, a new era began for the company. To better reflect our business and mission we have changed our company name from Unfors Instruments to Unfors RaySafe, and our logo to that of a canary. The inspiration behind the new logo is the story of "the canary in the coal mine":

"In the early days, miners would bring canary birds into the coal mine. As long as the canary kept singing, the air was safe. When it stopped, it served as an early warning that it was time to leave the mine. RaySafe solutions are your modern canaries because they provide you with an early warning for unnecessary radiation which cannot be detected by human senses."

The innovative system RaySafe i2, introduced in 2012, enabled medical staff for the first time to monitor their X-ray dose exposure in real-time. The cloud-based software solution RaySafe S1 to track and to monitor patient dose complements the product portfolio of Unfors RaySafe since 2013.

Today Unfors RaySafe is the only company worldwide that provides comprehensive solutions for the X-ray room, consisting of products that help our customers reduce unnecessary radiation. We offer quality assurance devices for X-ray equipment, a real-time dose monitoring system for medical staff as well as dose monitoring and tracking solutions for the benefit of the patient.

Among the customers are major X-ray equipment manufacturers as well as some of the most well-known university hospitals worldwide.

Unfors RaySafe is since February 2014 part of Fluke Biomedical.

Mission & Vision

In 1994, Tomas Unfors founded the company intending to make the quality assurance of diagnostic X-ray machines more user-friendly. Following the guiding mission to help people avoid unnecessary radiation and vision to establish a better radiation safety culture wherever technicians, medical staff and patients encounter radiation, the company has developed into an international market leader.

Social and Environmental Engagement

RaySafe compensates for CO2 emissions from personal air travels and transportation of goods. In 2018 we compensated for 761 tons of CO2. This year we supported United Nations Clean Development Mechanism project 5553, renewable wind power generation for promoting energy security in India.

The project is approved by United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Gold Standard, who we trust in terms of CO2 measurements and environmental concern.

RaySafe uses electricity produced from renewable energy sources since 2012.

Environmental Policy

“We want to act in a way that, if everyone acts the same, results in a sustainable world.

We integrate environmental thinking in all our activities and allow it to spread through the whole organization.

We define environmental targets, aligned with applicable legislation, and improve and tighten them continuously.

We communicate our environmental work to all concerned.”