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Comprehensive solutions for the X-ray room

RaySafe DXR+


    The RaySafe DXR+, is a direct X-ray ruler for alignment of the light and radiation field. The RaySafe DXR+ is extremely easy to use as it is powered on by simply exposing the meter. Features include auto reset and auto power off. There is no need to adjust the light field to a square phantom before making an exposure. No time is wasted waiting for films to be developed.

    The pocket-sized RaySafe DXR+ operates down to 30 kVp and gives an objective, reproducible and immediate read-out. 

    • Fully automatic
    • Ideal for radiography and mammography
    • 6 - 8 years battery life

    “The DXR is amazing – Before I had multiple steps with shots and film alignment. This is so much faster!” Mike Pool, Field Service Specialist

    Quick Checks

    International regulations recommend that the radiation and light field should be aligned within 2 % of the Source-to-Image Distance (SID) or even ± 5 mm at the chest wall for mammo. The RaySafe DXR+ sensor array has been specially designed to meet the needs of real-time checks of the light and radiation field alignment on radiographic and mammographic X-ray equipment.

    RaySafe DXR+ provides an accurate and instantaneous result where an adjustment is needed. A metric scale inside the RaySafe DXR+ is visible on the X-ray image.

    1. Position the RaySafe DXR+

    Position the "X-ray"-symbol within the light field.
    Align the yellow center line with the light field edge. 

    DXR placement

    2. Expose and read out

    Expose and read any X-ray/light field deviation in the RaySafe DXR+ display. 
    RaySafe DXR+ X-ray ruler placement
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