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Active Compensation
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Active Compensation

September 2, 2013

HASSLE FREE MEASUREMENTS USING SOLID STATE DETECTORS RaySafe is renowned for improving productivity and for its pocket-sized and easy-to-use meters based on solid state detectors. While solid state detectors have inherent energy dependencies, size, durability and the lack of temperature and pressure dependence are clear benefits. The products of RaySafe provide even more accuracy to solid state detectors by using the Active Compensation feature for all beam qualities.

Active Compensation

Active Compensation is a proven proprietary RaySafe feature. Multiple sensors and advanced calculations automatically determine the beam quality, thereby eliminating the need for further corrections of measured kVp and dose values. This results in a higher degree of simplicity for the user since no further corrections are needed to achieve maximum accuracy.

Please refer to the specifications for each product for detailed information.