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Fluke Biomedical LANDAUER RaySafe


RaySafe X2 Solo X-ray Test Device

X2 Solo with cord
X2 Solo Front view with RF
X2 Solo Front view with Dent
X2 Solo with Dent
X2 Solo with cord
X2 Solo Front view with RF
X2 Solo Front view with Dent
X2 Solo with Dent

All you need for your modalities


RaySafe X2 Solo is a new product line from RaySafe that covers the measurement needs of your specific X-ray modalities. It’s based on the same technology as RaySafe X2, highly esteemed for its user-friendliness and performance, but instead of multi-modality capability, each model meets specific needs. Within your X-ray modalities the X2 Solo will meet all your QA or service measurement needs.

RaySafe X2 Solo users will enjoy a large touch screen showing all parameters simultaneously, sensors ready for measurements without special settings or modes and a base unit storing all readings and showing full waveforms. Plus, much more. It’s true ease-of-use, which saves valuable time and minimizes the risk of making faulty measurements. Or as RaySafe X2 customers say: “It just works”.

Less effort. More insight.

RaySafe X2 Solo removes unnecessary steps in taking a measurement – like positioning the sensor, choosing a setting, or interpreting results. The R/F and DENT sensors are both orientation independent so the only thing you need to do is to place the sensor in the X-ray beam and turn on the instrument. The rest is automatic – no menus or special settings needed.

RaySafe X2 Technology

RaySafe X2 Solo combines state-of-the-art sensor technology with an intuitive and proven user interface, making it the ultimate in user friendliness. Each X2 Solo includes a specific sensor to cover your needs.



Finding your way

The RaySafe X2 Solo touch screen interface allows the user to view data in a comprehensive yet flexible way. The home screen displays every available parameter from the attached sensor. To zoom in on any parameter - just tap it for a larger view. Use a quick swipe to display waveforms and pinch to zoom into details. Navigation is made simple by using the common Menu, Home and Back keys.

All exposures are saved in the base unit. In each session, you can swipe to quickly go back to previous exposures for reference or comparisons. A full session of measurements can be uploaded to the complimentary X2 View software at a later stage for more manipulation.


RaySafe X2 Solo Homescreens

Measurement of 1 – 12 parameters simultaneously with waveform overlay.

X2 Solo Single view

Large view of selected parameter.

X2 Solo waveform

Overview and simple analysis of kVp, dose rate or mA.

RaySafe X2 Solo Analyze Mode

Zoom-in on waveforms to determine, for example, peak dose rate of a pulse.


RaySafe X2 Solo models

The RaySafe X2 Solo consists of a sensor and a Base Unit for read-out of the measured data. The detector is connected to the Base Unit using a detachable 2 or 10 meter cable. Simply connect the detector and you are ready for measurements. The RaySafe X2 Solo touch screen interface allows the user to view data in a comprehensive yet flexible way.

RaySafe X2 Solo covers the measurement needs of your specific X-ray modalities and is available in two different models; RaySafe X2 Solo R/F and RaySafe X2 Solo DENT.

X2 Solo R/F

X2 Solo Front view with Dent
  • For all radiography and fluoroscopy measurements

X2 Solo DENT

X2 Solo Front view with Dent
  • Tailor made for dental X-ray


HVL & Total Filtration

With this option, RaySafe X2 Solo R/F will measure Half Value Layer (HVL) and Total Filtration in a single exposure avoiding the need of multiple dose measurements with different filters. RaySafe X2 Solo utilizes a stacked sensor with diodes having different filtration, and hence accurately calculates HVL. With the HVL & Total Filtration option installed, these parameters will be measured simultaneously as the other parameters and will be displayed on the main screen after each exposure.


RaySafe X2 Solo R/F is available with or without mAs. The design allows to invasively measure tube current even for pulsed measurements.

Selected Optional Accessories

RaySafe P Fluoro Phantom
RaySafe P Fluoro phantom   X2 Flexi Stand
X2 bluetooth adapter
X2 Smartholder
X2 Bluetooth Adapter   X2 Suction Cup Holder



Raysafe View Software

The program RaySafe View can be used an extended display and tool for further data analysis. Raysafe View also connects to Microsoft Excel.

Raysafe View replaces X2 View and contains all the functionalities of X2 View and more. Raysafe View supports the RaySafe X2, the RaySafe X2 Solo, and the RaySafe 452. 

Download the latest version of RaySafe View.

The old program X2 View is still supported but will be further developed. Update notifications in X2 View link to RaySafe View.