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Fluke Biomedical LANDAUER RaySafe


RaySafe Xi MAM Detector

RaySafe Xi MAM Detector

Direct HVL measurements on all mammographic beam qualities

The RaySafe Xi editions offer the following features for mammography measurements:

  • Algorithms to handle tube ageing effects and variations between different manufacturer’s tube/filter combinations
  • 0.5 kV or 2% precision for all mammo kVp (Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, W/Rh, W/Al)
  • PTB approved for all beam qualities (entrance and exit dose)
  • Direct HVL measurement in one exposure
  • Solution for Scanning Mammo (W/Al)

Developed in partnership with leading manufacturers

A unique feature of the RaySafe Xi MAM detector is its ability to directly measure the HVL for each exposure without the need for filters and multiple exposures. In addition, the standard RaySafe Xi MAM detector simultaneously measures kVp (Mo/Mo), dose, dose rate, HVL, time and waveforms on common beam qualities (Mo/Mo, Mo/Al, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, Rh/Al and W/Rh) used in today’s mammo X-ray machines. 

The RaySafe Xi editions offer extended MAM capabilities when adding optional calibrations such as the M-Pro 2.0 option with kVp, dose and HVL measurements on W/Rh, Mo/Rh and dose and direct HVL on W/Ag. M-Pro 2.0 Plus also adds kVp, dose, HVL and time measurements on W/Al as well as combo mode using both W/Rh and W/Al during the same exposure.

Additionally a detector for Scanning Mammo using W/Al can be added to your RaySafe Xi. RaySafe Xi MAM with M-Pro has been developed with leading manufacturers to accommodate new mammographic beam qualities. It can be used on mammography equipment made by Hologic, Sectra, Planmeca, Giotto, GE, Siemens and others.

RaySafe Xi m-pro beam qualities