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Comprehensive solutions for the X-ray room

Test Patterns


    Test patterns are used to determine the resolution of the X-ray machine. Different number of line pairs per mm (LP/mm) and different thickness of the lead shield are used depending on application and modality. Our high-precision X-ray test patterns vary from 1 - 20 LP/mm:

    • 1.0-4.8 LP/mm, 0.1 mm Pb (model 07-501-2000)
    • 0.5-5.0 LP/mm, 0.1 mm Pb (model 07-523-2000)
    • 0.6-5.0 LP/mm, 0.05 mm Pb (model 07-539)
    • 1.5-20.0 LP/mm, 0.025 mm Pb (07-535)
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