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X-ray Pinhole Assemblies

X-ray pinhole assemblies
Pinhole dimensions

    One of the specifications and chief features of an X-ray tube is its focal spot size, a very important factor in the resolution to be achieved during a radiologic examination. A small focal spot size will provide the maximum resolution. However, there are other factors in the construction of an X-ray tube, such as the heat dissipation within the target, which limits the minimum size of the target.

    In order to determine the focal spot size of an X-ray tube, a small and precise pinhole is often used. Its size must be very small compared to the focal spot to be measured. Any of the pinholes can be used with our Pro-Stand. The test stand height is adjustable in order to get correct magnification and positioning. The pinhole diaphragm is made from a 90:10 gold-platinum alloy.

    Available sizes:

    • 0.010 mm pinhole diameter is for focal spot sizes from 0.05 to 0.10 mm (model 07-633)
    • 0.030 mm pinhole diameter is for focal spot sizes below 1.0 mm (model 07-613)
    • 0.075 mm diameter is for focal spots from 1.0 to 2.5 mm (model 07-617)
    • 0.1000 mm diameter is for sizes above 2.5 mm (model 07-611)


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