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Fluke Biomedical LANDAUER RaySafe


Comprehensive solutions for the X-ray room

RaySafe Pro-Digi Radiography Phantom

RaySafe Pro-Digi
RaySafe Pro-Digi

    The RaySafe Pro-Digi Radiography Phantom is a multi-functional phantom designed for digital radiography equipment constancy tests. It is used for analyzing beam alignment, dynamic range, contrast resolution, spatial resolution, and homogeneity. The versatile phantom enables you to bring only this phantom for image quality checks. This phantom also reduces the amount of exposure and time spent while performing the required tests. The phantom complies with the DIN 6868-58 and DIN 6868-13 standards.

    The supported tests include:

    • Collimation and beam alignment
    • Spatial and contrast resolution
    • Homogeneity
    • Dynamic range
    • Beam perpendicularity
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