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Cleaning your RaySafe Products
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Cleaning your RaySafe Products

April 24, 2020

Dear RaySafe users,

A sincere thank you to all of you for continuing to provide care to patients during this extraordinary time. Know that our commitment to radiation safety and compliance measurement for you and your employees is unwavering.

The steps we’re taking:
Here at RaySafe, we have a dedicated executive team that is managing the response to this unfortunate outbreak. We continue to adhere to all best practices surrounding the manufacturing, handling, shipping, and receiving of devices to keep our own employees safe and to protect our shipping partners from COVID-19. This includes social distancing and hand disinfection. Employees are wearing gloves and wiping work surfaces often, among other required sanitary steps.

What this means for you:
Please know that each of your shipments contains new, plastic outer casing material with each exchange. All plastic bag packaging is also new, therefore exposed to less handling. While RaySafe doesn’t make recommendations on infection control procedures for your facility, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides some guidance. For easy reference, here is the CDC section on cleaning and disinfection for surfaces contaminated with COVID19.

Here are a few guidelines for how you may disinfect your RaySafe products, safely:

  • Carefully clean with soap and water, but keep in mind that most of our products are not water-resistant (do not use too much water).
  • Labels and print on the plastics may dissolve if ethanol-based cleaning products or other harsh cleaning chemicals are used.
  • If the instrument needs to be used in a sterile environment, it needs to be wrapped in plastic if possible. The alternative would be to sterilize the room after using the instrument.

Currently, we expect to keep the current wear periods intact as our operations are running normally to produce, ship, receive, and analyze all products as planned. Should guidance from regulatory agencies change, we will advise you immediately. During this time of high uncertainty, we remain committed to enabling radiation safety and compliance for you.

We hope that you stay safe and sincerely thank you for the care you provide.

The RaySafe Team