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Unfors RaySafe takes diagnostic X-ray measurements to the next level
Press Release

Unfors RaySafe takes diagnostic X-ray measurements to the next level

May 28, 2013

Introducing the touch screen based RaySafe X2

  • Quality assurance for radiographic and fluoroscopic (R/F) machines
  • A single exposure is all it takes to capture all key measuring parameters
  • Orientation independent sensor

Unfors RaySafe (formerly Unfors Instruments), the leading international supplier of measurement solutions for quality assurance of X-ray equipment, has launched its new RaySafe X2 measuring device, which for the first time combines the highest levels of accuracy with the intuitive operation of a touch screen. The device does not require any complex menu settings - simply connect the sensor to the base unit and start the measurement; no need to select ranges or modes. While the orientation independent sensor captures all relevant measuring parameters with a single exposure, the user-friendly slide & touch operation offers straightforward access to all required information such as dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, total filtration, exposure time, pulses including the corresponding waveforms.

The RaySafe X2 is comprised of a base unit, an external sensor for R/F measurements and a built-in mA sensor. When using both sensors, the device will display 12 parameters simultaneously. A simple swipe is all it takes to display parameter-specific waveforms. The X2 R/F sensor, with its advanced stacked sensor technology, prevents the influences of heel effects on the measurements. A groundbreaking concept in sensor design and circuitry means that the RaySafe X2 provides dose rate sensitivity from 1 nGy/s for pulsed fluoroscopy and 50 nGy/s for continuous fluoroscopy. As all exposures are saved in the base unit, measurement data remains available for reference and comparison purposes. The included X2 View software offers a variety of additional analyses and provides an Excel interface for simplified reporting.


“Our objective in developing the RaySafe X2 was to take quality assurance in diagnostic X-ray environments to the next level. The combination of an intuitive user interface and high-performance sensor technology not only simplifies the maintenance and functional checking of x-ray equipment but also reduces the likelihood of operator errors,” explains Mats Alm, Vice President Diagnostic X-ray at Unfors RaySafe. The RaySafe X2 saves service engineers and state inspectors valuable time while at the same minimising the inspection-related downtime of the x-ray system.


RaySafe X2 has been available as a stand-alone solution since January 2013.

RaySafe X2 measurement device with touch screen

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Unfors RaySafe X2 at a glance:

  • Complete solution for R/F and mAs applications
  • Dimensions and weight, base unit: 34 x 85 x 154 mm /
    521 g
  • X2 R/F sensor: dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, total filtration, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse; dimensions 14 x 22 x 79 mm / weight 42 g
  • X2 mAs sensor: measurement of  mA, mAs, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate
  • Waveforms of kV and dose date as well as mA
  • X2 View software with Excel interface for Windows compatibility