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Unfors RaySafe shows new solution RaySafe S1 at ECR 2013
Press Release

Unfors RaySafe shows new solution RaySafe S1 at ECR 2013

February 28, 2013

Unfors RaySafe shows new solution RaySafe S1 at ECR 2013

Higher patient safety by cloud-based dose management




  • Improved justification, optimization and monitoring of the patient dose
  • Optimum image quality with minimized radiation
  • Long-term reduction in costs by improved process quality

At this year’s European Congress of Radiology (ECR, March 7th – 11th 2013, Vienna) Unfors RaySafe presents the new software solution RaySafe S1 for the first time in Europe: The cloud-based solution enables efficient dose management within diagnostic imaging process at hospitals. By providing accurate and easy-to-use radiologic information, RaySafe S1 helps healthcare workers in order to to avoid unnecessary radiation to their patients. Furthermore, the software helps to reduce faulty images and contributes to long-term reduction in costs by improved process quality. RaySafe S1 has already been successfully launched in the USA and Canada in November 2012.

Unfors RaySafe (formerly Unfors Instruments), the international market leader in the field of measurement devices for the quality assurance in diagnostic radiology, now expands its product portfolio with RaySafe S1. The software solution can smoothly be integrated in radiology departments with X-ray equipment from different manufacturers that support the DICOM standard. Magnus Kristoferson, CEO at Unfors RaySafe, emphasizes: “Having dose reduction solutions for equipment, staff and patient we aim to minimize hazards for the hospital staff and the patients and to optimize the technical performance. With RaySafe S1, we are the only company worldwide to provide a comprehensive solution for the X-ray room.” Thus, the combination of Unfors RaySafe’s measurement devices and related software solutions enables reliable dose management at each stage of the diagnostic X-ray process.

In the field of “Quality Assurance for Diagnostic X-ray”, Unfors RaySafe also presents the measurement device RaySafe X2 at the ECR, which has been launched successfully in November 2012. The solution is specially designed for quality assurance of radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray equipment and is characterized by advanced sensor technology paired with intelligent signal processing as well as intuitive user guidance. The sensor of RaySafe X2 captures all relevant parameters and provides the user with easy-to-read information such as dose, dose rate and waveforms on the touch sensitive display. RaySafe X2 has been available in Europe since January 2013 as part of the comprehensive line-up for the quality assurance of X-ray equipment.

Unfors RaySafe at ECR, hall C, booth 334