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Real-time dosimetry makes strides at RSNA 2012 - Unfors RaySafe and Philips in new collaboration
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Real-time dosimetry makes strides at RSNA 2012 - Unfors RaySafe and Philips in new collaboration

December 11, 2012

Real-time dosimetry makes strides at RSNA 2012 – Unfors and Philips in new collaboration announced at conference

At this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference in Chicago, Unfors RaySafe took important steps to establish real-time dosimetry as an industry standard.

Among several new developments in the field, the conference saw the signing of a new collaboration between Unfors RaySafe and Royal Philips Electronics to develop the next generation of the Philips DoseAware system, announced on November 30. The aim of the agreement is to provide seamless access and communication between Philips DoseAware and Philips Allura interventional X-ray systems. Philips and RaySafe are developing an Allura X-ray environment with an integrated real-time dosimetry solution, providing staff with improved, personalized and directly accessible dose information.

Philips is the worldwide leader in angiographic systems for cardiology labs. The Philips Allura Xper system offers customers exceptional image quality and deeper insight for diagnosing and treating cardiac disease.

According to Magnus Kristoferson, CEO at Unfors RaySafe, “Making real-time insight an integral part of the interventional suite will help medical staff avoid unnecessary radiation. The fact that the industry is stepping forward and taking responsibility for integrating radiation protection into X-ray equipment is something that has been received very well at the conference.”

In addition to its wide range of proven products for quality assurance of diagnostic X-ray and real-time personal dose monitoring, the company successfully launched its new “RaySafe S1 Dose Management” software, a cloud-based solution that helps medical staff to manage patient dose. Through this expansion Unfors RaySafe is the only supplier worldwide to offer comprehensive solutions for the X-ray room, from quality assurance of X-ray equipment, to real-time dose monitoring for medical staff and dose management solutions for the benefit of the patient

Unfors Instruments has changed its name to Unfors RaySafe