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New RaySafe X2 Solo Speeds X-ray Quality Assurance Measurements
Press Release

New RaySafe X2 Solo Speeds X-ray Quality Assurance Measurements

November 20, 2017

RaySafe, the global leader of X-ray quality assurance solutions, introduces the RaySafe X2 Solo product line featuring sensors that are ready for measurement without special settings. Based on the same technology as the multimodality RaySafe X2, the X2 Solo offers the same user-friendliness and performance to meet all quality assurance or service measurement needs for specific X-ray modalities.

RaySafe X2 Solo is available in two models: X2 Solo R/F for all radiography and fluoroscopy measurements and X2 Solo DENT, tailor-made for dental X-ray applications including a new holder for panoramic.

RaySafe X2 Solo speeds measurements by eliminating unnecessary steps like positioning the sensor, choosing a setting or interpreting results. The sensors are orientation independent so technicians simply place the sensor in the X-ray beam and turn on the instrument. The rest is automatic — no menus or special settings needed.

The X2 Solo features:

  • Large touch screen display for simple operation and a comprehensive overview of all measured parameters.
  • Full waveforms directly in the base unit for quick analysis of measurements.
  • No special settings to handle different types of X-ray machines — simply connect and measure.
  • Stacked sensors for easy positioning and minimum radiological footprint.
  • Wide dynamic range — no special modes for high-sensitivity measurements.
  • Built-in memory — up to 10,000 measurements with waveforms can be stored in the base unit.

The X2 Solo touch screen interface allows users to view data in a comprehensive yet flexible way. The home screen displays every available parameter from the sensor. To zoom in on any parameter, just tap it for a larger view. Use a quick swipe to display waveforms and pinch to zoom into details. Navigation is made simple by using common menu, home and back keys.

All exposures are saved in the base unit, and during a session, users can swipe to quickly go back to previous exposures for reference or comparisons. A full session of measurements can be uploaded to the complimentary X2 View software for additional data analysis and reporting.